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The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has several policies that can be reviewed on the universities policy site.  The Division of Student Affairs also has several policies specific to the division that can be found on the policy site and in the Student Handbook.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is governed by the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has delegated authority over executive and administrative matters to the chancellors of the several University of Arkansas campuses and has delegated legislative authority over academic policies and programs to predominantly faculty governance bodies on each campus.

University personnel initiate new policies and changes in existing policies in response to changing needs and circumstances. Changes in Board of Trustees’ policies and in federal and state laws and regulations frequently require changes in campus policies and procedures.

Academic Policies

Academic policies are in the purview of the Faculty Senate, subject to the approval of the chancellor, and are made through processes under the University Assembly and Faculty Senate constitution. Academic policies are posted online and are reflected in the faculty handbook, the student handbook, and the graduate, undergraduate, and law catalogs.

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies are put in place to provide an orderly environment for faculty and staff as they do their work to accomplish the university’s purposes. Administrative policies also provide a framework for university students and off-campus persons and groups who have interactions with the university.

Administrative policies are primarily directed to the operation of the university and can be initiated by any vice chancellor or other senior administrator who reports directly to the chancellor. They are subject to the approval of the chancellor.

The UA Little Rock University Assembly, the UA Little Rock Faculty Senate, the UA Little Rock Staff Senate, and the student government organizations of the campus may, through their own established processes, propose and recommend administrative policies to the chancellor.

Academic and administrative policies should do one or more of the following:

  • Enhance understanding of what to do in a specific situation.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Elaborate on new compliance regulations or rules.
  • Delineate what is in Board of Trustees policy or governmental rules and regulations.
  • Improve controls.
  • Reduce risk.